22-23 Projections

Below is my 22/23 Projections. These will continue to be updated over the preseason period and into the season as we get more data to reliably predict players ongoing performance.

Curently they are sorted by my new SR Rating which is simply just the average z-score of a players top 7 categories weighted two-thirds for per game value and one-third totals value. I believe this represents the most accurate method for evaluating players in h2h categories leagues – it discounts players slightly who have consistently missed games over the past few years but given this is not super reliable for the future, does not weight it too heavily.

For Roto leagues, please use the 9C or 9CT (totals) column to rank players. If you don’t wish to factor injuries into your rankings but wish to use a players top 7 categories, please sort by the T7 Column.